Three women. Three countries. Three cultures.

Lo Anne Mayer (USA), Daniela I. Norris (Israel & Canada), and Uma Girish (India).

But when each of them lose a loved one, they discover a commonality: the universal language of grief.

As they grow through the gifts of grief, they feel called to share their message.

Authors, healers and teachers, these women have healed their broken hearts and helped others find the light through the darkness of grief. The trio have now come together in a new format: The International Grief Council.

Available to do presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

  • We offer a two-hour presentation, where each member will share her story and transformational experience for 30 minutes. A 30-minute Q & A will follow.
  • A workshop experience can also be custom-designed to suit the audience’s requirements.
If our mission touches your heart, here are 3 ways you can help us: