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“International Grief Council’s presentation titled, “The Healing Power of Grief” on May 28, 2015 at Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ was extremely well received by the community. It was one of the most attended programs open to the public. Lo Anne Mayer, Uma Girish and Daniela I. Norris shared their heart felt individual journeys and how they use the gifts of grief to serve the world. We were all moved and at the same time energized to listen to them speak. It was truly a generous gift from International Grief Council to all the audience to be moved, felt and empowered. I highly recommend International Grief Council’s presentation wherever you are on the globe.”

Sachiko Komagata, Ph.D., P.T.
Chair/Associate Professor in Holistic Health
Department of Holistic Health and Exercise Science
Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ USA

“Did you ever think a grieving session could be enjoyable? Despite their sorrow, those who attended the International Grief Council voiced that they enjoyed the session and left with a better understanding of their situations. The presentation made by the International Grief Council was heartfelt and inspiring for our audience members. In sharing their personal stories, Uma, Daniela, and Lo Anne demonstrated that there is life, hope, and purpose beyond loss. Not only were the individual presentations well-crafted, they were infused with a spiritual direction and strength that lit up our audience. The International Grief Council is a much-needed presence in a world that is increasingly torn by grief and struggling to find the light.”

Sr. Mary Beth Lloyd
International Mission Director at Religious Teachers Filippini

“When my daughter crossed over in July of 2016, I was crushed, lost, stripped bare. I had never heard of the IGC and I don’t remember how I learned of the meeting scheduled in Santa Fe, NM. I wasn’t going to attend – it is over an hour drive each direction – but my daughter impelled me to. And what a blessing! We live in a culture with views on death that did not feel “right” to me – my girl is still with me, not “gone.” And I received support in this, recognition and affirmation of my experience and beliefs. Also reassuring to me is the life experience of the IGC founders all leading the group that day – people who are rational, educated, experienced in life, and truly from international perspectives. That one meeting in October 2016 gave me a foundation for my grief, a light in the darkness, a small raft in a sea of turmoil – and the IGC guidance and support since has saved my life and continues to be a bedrock from which I can slowly reach back out into the world. I learn to heal and grow from the pain of profound, shattering loss. Thank you from the bottom of what remains of my heart.”

HL Rowley
Participant, Santa Fe NM

“The International Grief Council is building a consciousness and awareness so needed for the times we live in. There is a ramping up of unbelievable losses in the world today. These three women are committed to a transference of healing from their personal losses to a global awakening of peace and joy. Having experienced a similar awakening from different losses, they have discovered that death in the physical realm does not end the love and connection. Weaving the strands of Hinduism, Judaism, and Catholicism, Uma, Daniela and Lo Anne represent the stream of commonality which is LOVE.”

Robert Zimmer, Co-Founder, Zimmer Associates International
Sante Fe, New Mexico